All Of The Gratitude

It's been way too long since I've written a Mondays Are For Gratitude post. This week, Friday is for Gratitude. Here are a bunch of things I am grateful for.

Robert, being amazing as always  /  The weather cooling off  /  My amazing jobs  /  The coolest friends  /  New yarn  /  Energy drinks  /  Fingerless gloves  /  Knitted hats  /  Lots of time to knit  /  The farmers market  /  My farmers market friends and fellow vendors  /  The cat being awesome  /  Bob and I making some progress on goals we have 

What are you grateful for this week?

The Typical Pre-Show Stress

The initial intention for this post was to have it be this long essay about how I need to stop stressing about things. But it isn't that. I don't have the time to convince myself to stop stressing, because I am too stressed. Ironic, right?

I have a show October 22 and 23, and I'm in a tailspin. I feel like I don't have enough stock, I don't feel prepared, and I just feel like everything is going to fall apart. I'm hoping that isn't the case, but we shall see what happens. Check out my Instagram for more frequent updates.

Other than the show stress, life is amazing. I'm working at a fantastic job that I love, and I have some really cool people around me. I am so lucky!

A Wee Bit Of Stash Enhancement

It seems like many people are on a perpetual stash diet. I am certainly no exception to this. I want to reduce the amount of yarn I own, but that's apparently impossible. I may take a page out of Jen's book, and start tracking my in/out quantities. She tracks the yardage, but that would be tough for me because of some of the yarns I use, so maybe tracking weight might work? I'm not sure. Who knows, maybe yardage would be easier. Either way, this is to say I've acquired stash. A few weeks ago, Bob and I stopped at Joanns to grab something, and I ended up with way more yarn than expected.

All this yarn was bought on sale! And I've already used four of the skeins either in their entirety, or very close to that. I've been upping my productivity lately, and building lots of stock. I'm still panicking about how much I'll have made for show season, but I'm starting to feel okay-ish with what I have right now.

I do know that I need to keep knitting. Slowly but surely, I'll work through the yarn I have. I think I need to go through and purge a bit again.

MAFG: September 26, 2016

It's Monday! And it's officially fall! Bob and I have been married six months, and life is awesome. I'm stressed about dumb stuff, but that's not new. Here are some wonderful things I am grateful for this week

Making a whack load of applesauce  /  Canning stuff successfully  /  Getting new yarn  /  Making progress on a lot of knitting projects  /  Hanging out with amazing people  /  Going to a couple antique markets and estate sales  /  Picking up some great items at these sales  /  Eating delicious foods  /  My friends

What are you grateful for this week?

This Crazy Pokemon Go Thing

Unless you've been living under a rock since the beginning of July (no offence to rock-dwellers!) you've probably heard of Pokemon Go. I started playing on the first day, with a few of my friends. At the beginning I played every single day, though since then, my interest has waned a bit. Mostly because we live in a small town, and there isn't much to catch around here. It's still a ton of fun, and I've been planning events in Marshall for the community.

One thing that I've been having a lot of fun with is knitting Pokeballs. I've done a whole whack of them, in several sizes. I'm working on more all the time, between actual day job work. They're doing really well at The Realm Of Creativity, which makes me happy

I've been knitting tons and tons lately. I will hopefully have photos to share of most of it soon!

Work Work Work Work Work Work

This past week, Bob and I went to Detroit to have my Green Card interview. It was rather uneventful, but it meant I finally got approval to travel and work and what not. I had a work permit before, but this is the final step for a couple years.

So now that I have this, I have started working. I'm working at three different places as of today, and I am so incredibly happy! For all intents and purposes, I've been unemployed for nearly a year. I quit my job last October when Bob was heading to Japan. I'm used to having a couple part time jobs at any given time, and it works well for me.

This being said, there may be some shifting of my blogging habits. I might have to drop down to twice a week. I'm hoping I don't, but at the same time, I feel like I am lacking in content. We shall see how it goes!

MAFG: September 12, 2016

Monday almost passed me by without letting me know it was here! Today has been a very busy day for me, but a very productive one. Here are some things I am grateful for!

Getting approved for my Green Card  /  Hanging out with Detroit friends  /  Petting their goofy dogs  /  Bob being amazing and making sure I didn't collapse into an absolute puddle  /  Going to a football game with him (Go Broncos!)  /  Watching football at our friends place with them (GO SPORTSBALL!)  /  The weather finally cooling off  /  Getting a job!

What are you grateful for this week?

The Finished Scrap Blanket

A month ago, plus a few days, I finally gave into my desire to knit a "circular" scrap blanket. It was more of an octagon, but whatever. I knew I had tons of Homespun scraps in pinks and purples, so I decided to go with those two. And that way, if no one wants it, I wouldn't mind keeping it for myself. I added in two strands of thinner yarn from cones, so that there would be some cohesiveness to it.


I started with Judy's Magic Cast On, and placed markers in my second or third round. I knew after a short while, I'd be tired of counting! I just grabbed scraps of yarn as I found them, and added them in when the previous color ran out. I wanted a bit more variety in the width of the stripes, but I am happy with this overall. It eliminated eight balls of yarn from my stash, and used a lot off of two cones. Once things slow down for me a bit, I will be making more of these. I think for future ones, I will use different types of yarn throughout. Still make sure it's about the same thickness, but give it more texture.

It's available for purchase through The Realm of Creativity.

MAFG: September 5, 2016

Happy Monday! Quick recap today! Here are some things I am grateful for

Having Bob take care of me when I'm sick  /  New tattoos!  /  Tasty soup  /  Taco Bell  /  Knitting fun projects  /  Finishing the blanket  /  Selling at the farmers market  /  Visiting some of our favorite farms  /  Seeing friends at an antique market  /  Having tons of fun stuff to look forward to

What are you grateful for this week?

MAFG: August 29, 2016

It's Monday! And I'm sleepy. I have some kind of cold, and I haven't been sleeping well. Last night, I had some sort of nightmare where I was in Japan, trying to come back to the US, and I had to go through security in the wrong terminal. So when it was all done, I had to get to basically the other end of the country, and I was so annoyed, because I was going to miss my flight. It was stressful. Anyway, this is what I am grateful for this week!

Tacos with Bob  /  Friends getting married  /  Visiting one of the county fairs  /  Making AMAZING broccoli cheddar soup  /  Bob making salsa  /  The Farm To Table Dinner  /  Petting kitties at the humane society  /  The Pokemon Go event I planned

What are you grateful for this week?