A Quick Farmers Market Recap!

Last Saturday was our first time vending at the Marshall Area Farmers Market. We brought hot peppers, spice rubs, and flavored salts, as well as a selection of my knitted items.

We sold a little bit of everything, and couldn't have been happier. The market had to shut down an hour early because of awful weather that was blowing through. We were a little bummed out, but it was understandable. We're both so excited to participate again this week.

After the market, I helped out at The Realm Of Creativity for a couple hours. After that, I conquered my fear of chicken wings, and slammed back nine of them at the Chicken Wing Thing at Dark Horse.

Overall, last weekend was awesome! And this weekend is shaping up to be equally so.

The Farmers Market is Here! Almost!

Tomorrow is our big day! We will be debuting our awesome flavored salts, rubs, and other spice blends. We're both incredibly excited an nervous. I will also have a selection of my knitted items with me.

This is almost as nerve wracking as when I rebranded to Mercantile 519. There are so many things to take care of, and we both feel unprepared.

I will certainly be sharing photos here next week, and on Instagram, as always.

MAFG: August 8, 2016

Happy Monday! This last week has been crazy! I had surgery on Thursday, and that kind of ruined my whole weekend. I'm totally fine, just healing now. Here are some things I am grateful for this week!

Surgery going REALLY smoothly!  /  Canning tomatoes with Bob  /  Him taking amazing care of me when I was recovering  /  Visiting one of our favourite local farms  /  Meeting some really great people who will be doing some cool stuff in the near future  /  Holden's birthday party  /  Recovering from surgery quickly  /  Brainstorming with Bob

What are you grateful for this week?

Knitting Market Bags

If you've been following our other project, Frontière Farm House, you'll know that we're gearing up to start vending at our local farmers market. I decided to start making market bags for everyone to carry their tasty product. I'm still working on the design a little bit, but I have the basic shape decided upon. I'm trying to get the straps to be the ideal length to width ratio, without being super stretchy. It's kind of hard because I'm not using the same yarn for each of the bags. They're all probably going to be slightly different, but that's what handmade is!

We're thinking up some new items to bring to the market and I'm knitting them as fast as I can! I'll be sharing more of them here soon!

MAFG: August 1, 2016

Happy Monday and Happy August! Here are some things I am grateful for this week!

Visiting with my parents  /  Sleeping in my own bed all week  /  Getting the final stuff in place for surgery this week  /  Apple pie ice cream  /  Hanging out with Bob  /  Knitting  /  Tasty food  /  Seeing friends I haven't seen in a while  /  Visits from Windsor friends!

What are you grateful for this week?

More Muffin Omelettes! A #KeliwaMuffinPan review

We've been getting our CSA box from Snick's Farm, and it's been amazing! We have so many vegetables, that I'm starting to run out of ideas for them! So I decided to make these muffin omelettes. Last month, I posted a recipe for  some of these tasty treats, and I modified it to use broccoli and cheddar. We're going to make stir fry for dinner with some more of the vegetables, and I'm so excited.

I got this awesome Keliwa silicone muffin tin, and decided now is the perfect time to make more omelettes! I used duck eggs this time around, because that's what we had. For the filling, I chopped up a few broccoli florets, and put a spoonful of shredded cheddar cheese. Thats it! Seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders, and some cayenne. Cooking with the silicone pan on a cookie sheet took about the same amount of time as it did when I made them in the regular tins. I sprayed the pan well with cooking spray, and had no issues with them releasing. I can probably dunk the pan into soapy water, and rinse it clean. It was super easy to use!

I'm looking forward to using the pan again! I'm sure when we get back from a quick vacation, I'll be making more of these!

I was not paid for this review and all opinions in this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links, and if you purchase something through them, I may receive compensation. Thank you for supporting this blog and helping me achieve my dream of being self employed!

MAFG: July 11, 2016

Happy Monday! I'm in the middle of some housecleaning, so this one is going to be quick. Here are some things I am grateful for this week!

Pokemon Go  /  Detroit City Football Club  /  Norther Guard Supporters  /  Tasty sushi  /  Bob being amazing  /  Making new friends  /  Getting our first CSA share  /  Making some new knitting projects

What are you grateful for this week?